Are you struggling with keeping up with all of your tasks as a pastor because you are bi-vocational?

Are you finding it hard to have the money or time to do some of the things the larger churches are doing in their ministries?

This site is designed to share some of the easy to implement, low cost, or even free “tricks” and tools I’ve stumbled upon to be more efficient, and be more professional while being a bi-vocational pastor.

Research shows that most churches are about 75-200 members.  What this means is three things:

  • The pastor is probably underpaid (if paid at all)
  • The pastor is probably working a second job to make ends meet.
  • there a high probability that the pastor feels stretched thin.

I am a pastor of a small church here in Michigan, a married full-time dad of three children, and I work a full-time 9-5 job in IT.  I very often spend my weekdays after work helping with homework, house chores, managing marriage, kids, and a side business.

Like you, I want my church to grow both in health and numbers, however, many of the ideas presented in many church growth books and blogs are, quite frankly, things many pastors cannot implement until there is growth and/or there is a giving increase.  The only way those both can increase organically and naturally is through evangelism.

Let’s face it, evangelism takes a bit of time and patience, depending on your methods, who your church is trying to reach, and how they are reaching them, it could take 6 months, 12 months, or more before significant growth happens.

What I want to do with this website, is share some of the tools and ideas I’ve used to leverage my time as a pastor, while I work my job, and take care of my family, without:

  • Wearing myself out
  • Buying yet another expensive course or book
  • Buying even more expensive software or service
  • Spending days and nights “pastoring the computer” when you really want to be with your family.  (Or just watching a little TV for a change…)

If you are a pastor dealing with the same issues that I do, 8 hours of your day gone, screaming children, spending time with your spouse, and somehow fitting the church work in between all of this, then you understand exactly what I mean.

Necessity breeds creativity, and hopefully, I can show you something that helps you to be even just a 1% more efficient pastor, every day.

Be sure to subscribe to our email list if you haven’t already, and I will share occasional tips with you, that helps me be a more efficient, organized, and professional pastor.

Grace and peace!

FULL DISCLAIMER:  The tools I discuss on this website, the majority of which I am NOT selling, I am just a pastor who stumbled upon some things over the years that I think might be beneficial to other leaders in the body of Christ.  However, there may be a few that I have some financial incentive to discuss, review, or share.  In all, my goal is to help the Body of Christ.

Pastor J